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Insel Hotel A - Z

Wichtiges & Wissenswertes

Dear guests, maybe you could not find everything you wanted to know about the Insel Hotel Bonn-Bad Godesberg on our website, so here we have put together an overview of our hotel from A-Z.

Your Insel Team

If your looking for a babysiter, we would gladly help you!

Bad Godesberg
General information about the town and its interesting sights can be found under or, or in your internet.

Sparkasse KölnBonn, Theaterplatz 3, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 60632600
Postbank Finanzcenter, Koblenzer Strasse 67, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 55005900
Deutsche Bank Moltkeplatz 1, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 55060

“Die Insel” the Bar in our Insel Hotel is open from 8.00 till 24.00 o'clock in the summer, Tel: +49 228 3500285
Limbao Brasil Bar,Moltkesrasse 64, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 3680666,
Nightclub Mata Hari Moltkestrasse 64, Bad Godesberg
Panorama Bonn, Am Boeselagerhof 1, 53111 Bonn, Tel: +49 228 9659330,

Panoramabad Rüngsdorf (Open Air pool about, ca. 1,5 km away with a beautiful sight to the Siebengebirge) Am Schwimmbad 8, 53179 Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 334324,
Lemmerzbad (Open Air), Oberweingartenweg, 53639 Königwinter Tel: +49 2223 21296,
Thermen and Badewelt Euskirchen, Thermenallee 1, 53879 Euskirchen Tel. +49 2251 14850

You can find small beaches on both sides of the River Rhine.
They are ideal for a picnic or just to sunbathe.

Beauty Lounge & Spa, Bürgerstraße 1, 53175 Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 1578 7179557
Parfümerie Douglas Theatherplatz 18, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 363659, Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 3683480

Try our exciting bikes route around Bad Godesberg, through the 7 hills (Siebengebirge) and the bike lane along the Rhein. Bad Godesberg also is the starting point along the Watercastleroute, which takes more days through the Eifel.

General Information regarding the town, objects of interest or hows can be found unter, or
Freizeitpark (Leisurepark) Phantasialand, Bergstrassse 31-41, 50321 Brühl, Tel: +49 2232 36600,

Book Stores:
Bücher Bosch, Alte Bahnhofstraße 1-3, Bad-Godesberg,
Park Buchhandlung Am Koblenzerstr. 57, Bad Godesberg. Tel: +49 228 352191,

Boule can be played here in Bad Godesberg, Rheinallee or on the other side of the Rhein where the ferry is in Niederdollendorf,

Breakfast for hotel guests
Monday till Friday from 6.30 till 10.00 o'clock, Saturdays from 6.30 till 11 o'clock, Sundays from 7.00 till 11.30 o'clock

Brühler Castle
Schoss Augustusbrug and Castle Falkenlust (UNESCO world heritage) Schlossstrasse 6, 53123 Brühl, Tel: +49 2232 44000,

Bus connections
All buses belonging to the Verkehrsverbundes Rhein-Sieg can be taken from the bus stop "Am Kurpark" in various directions to Bonn, to the Bad Godesberg Station and down to the Rhine embankment.

Pantheon Siegburger Strasse 42, 53229 Bonn-Beuel, Tel: +49 228 212521,
Springmaus -Frongasse 8, 53121 Bonn, Tel: 0228 798076,
Brotfabrik, Kreuzstraße 16, 53225 Bonn-Beuel, Tel: +49 228 421310,
GOP Varieté Theater Bonn, Karl-Carstens-Straße 1, 53113 Bonn,

The Insel (Die Insel) Hotel Theaterplatz 5-7, Bad Godesberg, open from 7 o'clock till 24,00 hours, sundays till 19.00 hours. Breakfast from 7.00 in the mornings till 11.30 o'clock,
Café Lindentraum, Rüngsdorfer Str. 39, 53173 Bad Godesberg, Tel +49 228 85044000

Car rental:
Europcar Koblenzer Strasse 171, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 333720,
Sixt Autovermietung Koblenzer Strasse 109, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 180 6666666

Check in from 3 pm
Check out at 12 ó clock

are always welcome at the Insel Hotel. Coloured pencils can be picked up at the reception. Babysiter can be requested under the sign B - playgrounds under S.

Church Services
Katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Marien und Everglesius, Burgstrasse 45, Bad Godesberg
Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Rüngsdorfer Str./Ecke Friedrichallee, Bad Godesberg
Moschee im Diyanet-Türkisch Isamischer Kulturverein Bonn-Bad Godesberg e.v. Koblenzer Strasse 107, Bad Godesberg

Kinoplis Moltkestrassse 7-9, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 830083 www, - Kinopolis showes English movies as well.

City Map
You can obtain a free BGO city plan from the reception!

Outdoor: Im Ennert/Siebengebirge were you can climb freely.
Indoor Brox Rock Kletterhalle, Vorgebirgsstr.5 50389 Wesselinbg,

Cologne Cathedral
The main Cathedral of Germany, Important Cultural Building of the World, to find out opening times etc.

Heim Computer Service, Kurfürstenallee 32, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 4295006,

Beethovenhalle and Kammermusiksaal.
Open air on the Rheinaue (Rockaue & Kunstrasen), Harmonie.

We ask you to leave your rooms till 12 o'clock. Should you want to leave later, please inform us the night before.

Information about the Drachenfels can be obtained at the Drachenfels train Station:

Eifel /Eifesteig (Hiking in the Eifel area)
A walk from Aachen to Trier you can reckon with 313 km, stages from 14 to 29 km,,

Evening Meal
For customers only requiring food between 11.30 till 21.00 hours the restaurant will be open for them constantly and the Service will show them a table. Bon Appetit!

Our main exhibition is in Cologne called Kölnermesse, Messeplatz, 50679 Köln, Tel: +49 221 821 0,

Arp Museum, Bahnhof Rolandseck, Hans-Arp-Allee 1, 53424 Remagen, Tel: +49 2228 9425 12,
Kunstmuseum Bonn, Museumsmeile 53113 Bonn, Tel: +49 228 77 6260, www.kunstmuseum-bonn
Wallraf-Richartz-Museum Köln Obermarsforten, 50667 Köln, Tel: +49 221 21119,

E-charging station:
A CharceX Aqueduct.4 charging station with a "type 2 plug" for electric vehicles can be found directly behind the hotel in the open parking area. A maximum of 4 vehicles can be loaded there at the same time. Overnight we charge € 20.00 per vehicle.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve a parking space at the charging station.
We ask for your understanding that the charging option is reserved for our overnight guests.

Ferry connections
Car ferrys from Bad Godesberg to Niederdollendorf, daily from 6 am till 21.45, Rheinallee 59, Bad Godesberg Tel: +49 228 971280,

Celebrate your wedding birthday, office celebration at the Insel Hotel. We would gladly give you our advce and would be happy about our booking!

If you are a guest at the Insel Hotel - give ourself a rest-! You can train at our Technogym apparatus, watch TV und use the Internet in our Insel Oase!

Flea market*
One of the biggest flea markets in this area is in the Bonner Rheinaue, every 3rd Saturday in the month from April till October, www.flohmarkt-rheinaue

Köln-Bonn Airport, Kennedystrasse Köln, Tel: +49 2203 404001, www.kö
Düsseldorf Airport, Flughafenstrasse 120, Düsseldorf, Tel +49 211 4210,
Frankfurt Hahn,Gebäude 667, 55483 Hahn-Flughafen. Tel +49 6543 509200,

Flowers and Presents:
Ließem Am Fronhof 14, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 354204,
Blumen Menden, Drachenburgstraße 49, 53179 Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 342949,

The next garage (Parkhause) can be found quite close in the Fronhofer Galeria, Fussweg only 5 minutes away

Redoutenpark in Bad Godesberg / Rheinaue (previous Garden Show)
Botanischer Garden in Bonn,
Arboretum Härepark in Bonn-Oberkassel,

Bad Godesberg and Bonn offer city excursions and walks to various places, these excursions are offered under or or or

Handy Shops (Mobile phones)
T Punkt, Rheatherplatz/Ecke Koblenzerstrasse 48, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 800 3301000
BASE Koblenzer Szrasse 35, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 957676
O2 Paartnershhop Koblenzer Strasse 26, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 9562482

Frisör Klier GmbH, Am Fronhof 9, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 3505305
Hauptsache Haar, Koblenzer Strasse 19, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 3681300
Salon Lorenz, Am Fronhof 4, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 3509476

Waldkrankenhaus, Waldstr.73, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 3830
Hochreuzaugenklinik, Godesbergallee 90, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 9379-200,
Klinik Dardenne Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 23-25, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 83030,
Jungbrunnen Klinik Gmbh, Schlegelstrasse 12, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 433050,

Ice skating
Bonn Ice is at the Alten Zoll, Rheinufer in Bonn and open from beginning of December till the end of January, boots can be hired and places to eat.

Dönerburger: Aennchenplatz 3, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 358451
Nordsee: Theaterplatz 12, Bad Godesberg, Tel: 0228 3670030,
McDonalds: Aennchenplatz 8, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 334621
Lennésnack (one of the best Snack places in town)

All rooms at the Insel Hotel have a >High-Speed->>Internet, Wireless LAN in the restaurant, a T-Com HotSpoz and Fax->Modem-connection.

One of the many starting points is Bad Godesberg. The way goes through the Eifel to Trier and the Mosel, then it continues to France and last but not leas to Santiago di Compostela.

Christ Juweliere und Watchmaker, Am Michaelshof 6, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 359026,
Hasenbeck Juwelier, Koblenzer Strasse 20, Bad Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 362558,

You will find comfy restaurants around Bad Godesberg and the area, however if you fancy a lunch package, tell your service at breakfast. You can also book your lunch package at the reception, letting them know what you would prefer.

the weekly markets are every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mornings till 13.00 hours as well as Saturdays till 14.00 hours, which takes place on the Moltkeplatz in front of the Kinopolis (cinema)

JUBA – Spa . At Juba Spa our hotel guests receive 10% discount!

We can offer you meeting facilities room for 2 people up to 25 . Further information regarding our offers for a meeting room can be obtained from our

Minigolf Trimborn Marienforster Promenade 1, Bad Godesberg, Tel +49 228 351254,
Minigold and PitPat-area, Bonn Rheinaue Ludwig-Erhard-Allee, Tel: +49 2283 76468,

Our Museums of Art: Bundeskunsthalle. Kunstmuseum, Haus der Geschichte, Museum König und Deutsches Museum, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee, Bonn

There is a pick of newspapers and booklets at the reception as well as the local bookstores and kiosks on the Theaterplatz.

Emergency Numbers:
Police Tel: 110, Firebrigade Tel: 112, Reception: Tel: 9

Offered excursions
Boat trips on the river Rhein: Personenschifffahrt Siebengebirge, Gotenstrasse 27, Bad - Godesberg, Tel: +49 228 363737,, 53474 Bad Neuenahr, Tel: +49 2641 917175, or
former government bunker (Regierungsbunker)in the Ahrtal which includes documents, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Tel: +49 2641 9117056,

Kaltwassergeysir in Andernach, Ships tour from Andernach 56626 Andernach, Tel: +49 2632 958008-0
Sealife Königswinter, Rheinallee 8, 53639 Königswinter, Tel: +49 180 666690101,

Touring in the Siebengebirge including Drachenfels, Oelberg, Petersberg, Tourismus Siebengebirge GmbH, Drachfelsstrasse 51, 53639 Königswinteer, Tel: +49 2223 917711,,

Telephone: +49 11880,
ADAC Tel: +49 180 510115,

Perfumery Douglas: Theaterplatz 18, Bad Godesberg, T +49 228 363 659
Perfumery Rüdell: Alte Bahnhofstr. 1a, Bad Godesberg, T +49 228 351 706.
More offers in the Beauty section.

Park in our parking lot directly behind our hotel. Access: Am Kurpark 3.
Reservations for parking spaces cannot be made.

Overnight parking for hotel guests: € 10.00 per vehicle
Overnight parking for hotel guests with charging option:
€ 20.00 per vehicle
Details on the e-charging station can be found under the letter "E".

Parking for restaurant guests: € 1.00 for the 1st and 2nd hour, € 3.00 from the 3rd hour.
If you spend € 15.00 or more per guest, you can park for free!

You will find the next letterbox on Theaterplatz.
Collection times: Monday to Friday at 2:00 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Saturdays at 1:45 p.m. No emptying on Sundays.
The nearest post office: Koblenzer Str. 67, Bad Godesberg, T +49 228 8000,

Pützchens Markt
Largest "Kirmes" and fair in the Rhineland, every year on the 2nd weekend in September. Info at:

Check out the area with a super Mountain or trekking bike from Steppenwolf. You can rent it here in the house from 7:00am. 9,00 Euro per day.

Chou out the area with one of our E- mountain bikes. From 45,00 Euro per day.

Rest days
The hotel is opened all year round for you. The restaurant is closed from 19.00 hours. Sorry to say1st and 2nd Christmas day, as well as New Years, Carnaval and Easter we are not open.
Rheinaue (Our biggest park) - This park is well known because it has had a Garden Show. It offers places to eat, rent a boat, Minigolf and many shows in the summer.

Rhein in Flammen
On the last Saturday in May we have a big firework down on the Rhein which includes great music. It is called the Rhein in Flames. For info

Room Service
Check the room service with the flyer in your room.

Do check out ourWellness area with Herb, steam and finnish Sauna, Rainwatershowers as well as our Restroom with a fireplace.

Siebengebirge (Seven Hills)
This is one of the favorite walking areas along the Rhein especially to the Drachenfels. Info: or

In Bad Godesberg, Bonn or Köln as your heart desires. You will find all the big shopping centers that has the well known makes as well as checking out the small boutiques and shops

Tennis can be played right in the park near the hotel and at the Heiderhof Sommerbergweg 4, Bad Godesberg-Heiderhof Tel: +49 228 2894213
Robinson WellFit, Mallwitzstrasse 24, 53177 Pennefeld, Tel: +49 228 333000,

Nobody is perfect! We desperately want to make sure your stay at the Insel Hotel is as pleasant as possible, so would appreciate your pleasant offers as well as constructive criticism in every case.
Information should you not find anything in our broshure that you would like to know, please ask one of our employees.

Since 2007 the Insel Hotel is a member of "Sustainabe Bonn"which means they are engrossed with the environment and work accordingly during the daytime.

Just phone our taxi center Bonn Tel: +49 228 555555, via My Taxi or at our reception. Alternatively you can download My Taxi-App.

Our Kammerspiele, or the small Theater and some Bonner Houses offer a colorful program

Tightrope garden:
Kletterwand Bonn in the Hardtbergbbad, In der Dehlen, 53125 Bonn, Tel: +49 2236 890568,
Kletterpark Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Königsfelder Strasse 2, 53474 Bad Neuenahr, Tel: +49 221 1680420,

We all enjoy living in clean surroundings, please make ote of the following if towels lie on the floor it means for us " Please wash this towel" If the towel is still on the rank, it means for us that you will be using the towel again. Thank you for understanding!

There are 3 short trips connecting Bad Godesberg to Bonn, Köln and Koblenz connections with IC or ICE to Bonn, Köln and Siegburg.
Detailed information: and
Trips by boat along the Rhein - You can catch boats that take you along the Rhein and Mosel to see the cities.

The Vorgebirge is a large fruit and vegetable garden of the Rheinland and has lots of place to walk, and look for secretive areas. Do visit the towns of Brühl, Euskirchen and Rheinbach and relax the great atmosphere/environment.

Warm Food
The restaurant at the Insel offer a warm kitchen till 21.00 hours and a smal selection until 22.00 hours. If you are hungry at night time we offer 2 types of white pizza any time.

Wash for Guests
You can use the Washbag in your clothes cupboard and give it up till 9 o'clock at the reception. You get your clothes back clean on the same day, the price you can take from your Washlist!

Wine from the Ahr has for the past years found more appreciative friends.
Vine growers are constantly having new ideas and produce very excellent wines. The wine from Oberdollendorf was already appreciated by Konrad Adenauer and thought it was a special drop. Check out our wine area here and try some of the delicious wines in the wine cellars.

We also have an all year round open Zoo with Aquarium and Terrarium, in the Riehler Strasse 173, 50753 Köln,
a Wildpark with wild animals in Rolandseck, Am Kasselbach 4, Remagen-Rolandseck, Tel: +49 2228 433,

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