Carrot and ginger soup

6,50 €


Beef broth with flat cake

6,00 €


Starters & Appetizers


Bruschetta with vine-ripened tomatoes and basil

4,50 €


Crostini with warm goat cheese and apricots

5,50 €


Homemade potato fritters

with salmon and creamy horseradish sauce

11,50 €


Cold roast beef

with remoulade sauce and roast potatoes

13,50 €



beef carpaccio

with fresh rocket salad, parmesan and basil pesto

11,00 €





Small mixed salad with croutons

4,00 €


“Insel Salad”

with roasted chicken breast and melon

11,50 €


Salad with warm goat cheese and rosemary honey

11,50 €


Winter salad with tranches from rabbit and orange fillets

15,00 €


Our salads are either served with balsamic dressing or house dressing


Main Courses


Spaghetti with veal-Bolognese sauce  and fresh planed parmesan cheese

13,50 €


“Market platter”

fresh seasonal vegetables with sauce hollandaise or melted butter and small potatoes

14,00 €



Steamed cod fillet with Dijon mustard sauce

 fine vegetable strips and Basmati rice

16,90 €



Veal Schnitzel “Viennese Style”

with cranberries, French-fries and a small salad

19,90 €


200g Argentinian Angus filet steak

with roast potatoes, herb butter or homemade pepper sauce and a mixed salad



Venison on cranberry sauce, red cabbage and potato dumplings



Please pre order the following dish minimum 12 hours before:


Suisse Fondue for 4 persons

Discover the Suisse way to eat cheese

78,00 €




Tarte Flambée (white pizza)


Freshly done and crisply baked



with bacon, onions and cheese

9,50 €


Tarte Flambèe with Parma ham and rocket

11,00 €



with smoked salmon and lemon

10,50 €


Homemade Burgers


                                                                „Insel Burger"“                                                                    minced Angus beef 2002g with fried onions, bacon and homemade burger sauce

12,00 €



200g minced Angus beef

with fried onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and homemade burger sauce

12,50 €


Veggie (VEAGN) Burger

             with a beetroot lentils petti, lime-mayonnaise ( without egg )
                            avocado,  and tomato

12,50 €


All burgers are either served with French-fries or sweet potato fries

Jalapeño for 0,50 € by request










Kids only

Spaghetti with a veal-Bolognese sauce 

5,50 €


Kids French-fries

3,50 €


Small schnitzel (veal) with French-fries

6,90 €






Homemade tiramisu“

6,50 €


Orange crème brûlée

6,50 €


Mango sorbet with prosecco

6,00 €







Additionally you can choose between different sorts of ice cream

or tartes and cakes from our confectionery.