Fine pumpkin cream soup

with sour cream and Styrian pumpkin seed oil Bildergebnis für vegan v

Cup: 6,50 €                    Terrine: 8,50 €


Strong beef broth

with homemade semolina dumplings 5

Cup: 6,50 €                    Terrine: 8,50 €


Starters and Entrees


Crostini with warm goat cheese and apricots

5,50 €


Homemade potato fritters

with salmon and creamy horseradish sauce

11,50 €



Roast beef "cold" with remoulade sauce,

homemade pickled gherkins and pumpkin fried potatoes    

13,50 €



Goat cheese omelette with herb mushrooms on a salad garnish

12,50 €


Antipasti plate

Creamy hummus, crostini with goat cheese and apricots,

small pumpkin soup & Parma ham, served with fresh baguette 

for 1 person 10,90 € for 2 persons 19,90 €




Our salads are either served with balsamic dressingBildergebnis für vegan v or house dressing (8)


Small mixed salad with croutons

4,00 €

"Salad pike-perch"

Big salad with fried pike-perch fillet, beetroot and pine nuts

14,50 €

"Island salad” with fried chicken breast and mushrooms

11,50 €

"Salad goat"

Large salad with warm goat cheese with rosemary honey

11,50 €


"Salad pumpkin."

Large colourful salad in balsamic dressing

with baked pumpkin slices and feta cheese (without feta-cheese Bildergebnis für vegan v)

12,00 €



Main Course


Spaghetti Bolognese

of veal with fresh parmesan cheese

12,90 €



Mixed vegetables of the season

with hollandaise sauce or melted butter and small potatoes

12,50 €


Crispy pike-perch fillet with whitewinesauce,

 served with fried green asparagus and rice

16,90 €



Chickenschnitzel with mushroomcreamsauce and French fries

14,90 €


Tender beef roulade in red wine sauce

with homemade red cabbage and boiled potatoes

17,50 €


Boiled beef of veal in dark horseradish sauce,

served with fresh vegetables and parsley potatoes

18,90 €

 Original viennese schnitzel of veal

with fried potatoes and a small salad

 20,50 €


Tarte Flambée (white pizza)

Freshly done and crispy baked


“White pizza Alsatian” with bacon, onions and cheese

9,50 €

“Norwegian” with smoked salmon and lemon

11,50 €


“White pizza pumkin” with pumpkin slices, red onions and parma ham

11,90 €


“White pizza goat” with goat cheese and rosemary honey

12,50 €


Homemade Burgers


Insel Burger“                                                                                                                             200g minced angus beef

with fried onions, bacon and homemade burger sauce

12,00 €


Cheese-Burger“                                                                                                                          200g minced angus beef

with fried onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and homemade burger sauce

12,50 €


„Barbecue-Burger“                                                                                                                     200g minced angus beef

with fried onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce

12,50 €


Vegan BurgerBildergebnis für vegan v

with beetroot lentils sausage, creamy hummus and red cabbage salad

10,50 €



Jalapeños for 0,50 € by request

All burgers are either served with french-fries or sweet potato fries



Plucked pancake and lightly caramelized

-with cherries and cream


-with homemade nut nougat cream and apricots

6,50 €


Small variation of cheese

with fig mustard and fresh baguette

7,90 €



Kids only

Chicken schnitzel with french fries

5,50 €



Spaghetti Bolognese

5,50 €


Small vegetable plate with boiled potatoes

and sauce hollandaise

6,90 €