Potato and celery soup with fried blood sausage cubes 1,4

Cup: 6,50 €                    Terrine: 8,50 €


Carrot-ginger soup with parsley pesto and pine nuts Bildergebnis für vegan v

Cup: 6,50 €                    Terrine: 8,50 €


 Strong wild consommé with fine inlay 4

Cup: 6,00 €                    Terrine: 8,00 €


Starters and Entrees


Crostini with warm goat cheese and plums compote

7,50 €


Homemade potato fritters with salmon and creamy horseradish sauce

12,50 €



Roast beef "cold" with remoulade sauce, pickled gherkins and fried potatoes

13,50 €



Fried mushrooms with herb sour cream and fresh baguette

9,50 €


Fried Prawns in garlic oil with herbs and fresh baguette

11,50 €




Our salads are either served with balsamic dressingBildergebnis für vegan v or house dressing (8)


Small mixed salad with croutons

4,00 €


"Salad goat"

Warm goat cheese with rosemary honey on a big salad

12,50 €



"Salad Salmon"

Large salad with roasted salmon fillet and lemon

14,50 €


"Island salad” with fried chicken breast and mushrooms

12,50 €


"Salad veal cheeks"

Large salad with tenderly braised veal cheeks in onion-mustard jus

16,50 €


"Salad vegan" Bildergebnis für vegan v

Salad in lemon oil dressing with bulgur, beetroot, dates and chestnuts

12,00 €





Main Course


"Winter asparagus"

Portion of black salsify with boiled potatoes,

with optional sauce Hollandaise or melted butter

13,90 €

3, 4


Spaghetti Bolognese of veal with fresh parmesan

13,90 €


Large turkey escalope

with mushroom cream sauce, fried potatoes and salad



A big Königsberger meatball from the meadow calf

with caper sauce, parsley potatoes and beetroot salad

17,90 €


Homemade beef roulade in red wine sauce

with red cabbage and potato dumplings


1, 6, 7


Delicately roasted beef fillet medallions on a strong red wine-shallot sauce,

served with bean vegetables and croquettes





Roasted salmon fillet on lobster sauce

with ribbon noodles and fresh spinach



Whole fried trout

with almond butter, parsley potatoes and lamb's lettuce















Tarte Flambée (white pizza)

Freshly done and crispy baked


“White pizza Alsatian” with bacon, onions and cheese

9,50 €



"White pizza Salmon"

with smoked salmon, fresh horseradish and cheese

11,90 €



"White pizza Vegetarian”

with colourful vegetables, olives and garlic

9,50 €


Homemade Burgers


Insel Burger“                                                                                                                             200g minced angus beef

with fried onions, bacon and homemade burger sauce

12,00 €


Cheese-Burger“                                                                                                                          200g minced angus beef

with fried onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and homemade burger sauce

12,50 €


„Barbecue-Burger“                                                                                                                     200g minced angus beef

with fried onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce

13,00 €


  "Goat cheese burger" 200g minced beef from Angus Beef with

grilled Goat cheese with homemade burger sauce

13,00 €


Vegan BurgerBildergebnis für vegan v

with a pumpkin chickpea roastling

with avocado mayonnaise and sweet and red cabbage salad

11,50 €


Jalapeños for 0,50 € by request

All burgers are either served with french-fries, garlic fries or sweet potato fries








Cream caramel with orange compote



Warm chocolate cake with passion fruit sauce

and pistachio ice cream



Kids only

Small turkey escalope with french fries

6,50 €


Spaghetti Bolognese



By reservation and depending on the season:
Cheese fondue for 4
 A hot steaming cheese fondue Swiss style
Cheese speciality with many delicacies to dip into our liquid gold
78,00 €
Roast beef for 4
The meat is grilled according to your wishes and carved at the table.
We serve you a fresh selection of market vegetables and rosemary potatoes.
99,00 €
Roast beef for 4 with fresh asparagus spears
The meat is grilled according to your wishes and carved at the table.
We also serve fresh asparagus and rosemary potatoes.
129,00 €
Goose for 4
1 Christmas goose filled with apples and oranges,
with a delicious mugwort sauce and caramelized chestnuts.
As side dishes we serve apple red cabbage and homemade potato dumplings.
 115,00 €

Tea Time for 4
The four of you celebrate a classic English teatime at a finely laid table.
We serve you tea according to your choice, sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, shortbread, cheesecake or another cake of your choice.
80,00 €
If you would like information about allergens and ingredients, please ask our service for an appropriate card.